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Manila! [Feb. 3rd, 2010|05:03 pm]
[Current Location |Manila]
[mood |calmcalm]

So im sitting in my hotel room in Manila, pretty happy to be here..escaping the old Canadian winter.

Im super excited to be here, when we first opened the site in 2007, I was asked to go, but declined as I wanted to finish my program at Ottawa U. Then when I found out i wasnt going to go back to India in mid-December, I was asked what my preference was, and I put Manila as #1, but then in early January it looked like that wasn't going to happen. It all happened quite fast, I was offered the Manilla role on Jan 20 and now im here. The flight was long, Philippines Airlines is kinda sketchy, but better than flying through Detroit and dealing with American customs, etc.

So far so good, it's alot less crowded and polluted than Delhi and reminds me of Hong Kong. Anyone that i know who's done both Manila and India has said Manila is hands down much better. The hotel is fantastic, its a suite-room so i have a sectioned off bedroom and a kitchen. Its about +30 now, but since im along the Ocean, its quite humid. Unlike India there's no food issues, they actually love red meat so plenty of beef and pork to go around...

It'll be a much different trip this time, unlike India where i was all alone, there's 6 other Bell folks here, including my boss. I brought alot of TV/Movies/DS games to keep me busy though. Speaking of boss, met my new boss last night..I still don't remember coming back to my own room and when I went back in the morning to get my shoes she said "We have alot of Diet Coke left, but very little Rum..guess that's a good sign?"

Im actually excited about the possibilities of travel from here. Manila is a short/cheap flight to many other areas in South Asia that interest me (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc) So i think some travelling is in order. Plus Manila itself has alot to offer, beaches, volcanoes and diving seem to be the top 3. I'll hold off on some of those until Matt comes in either June or August.

I do miss home already though, Im happy i got to stay home a month longer than I thought i would, i got to see everyone, played alot of PS3 and board games that I missed out on over the fall. But im back April 22, that's just 78 days away, Matt should be done his exams and the weather will be a bit more pleasant...

See ya'll in April :)

[User Picture]From: guntar
2010-02-05 02:42 pm (UTC)
Have fun in Manila! Eat lots of red meat for me!
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