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First weekend in Manilla [Feb. 8th, 2010|09:22 am]
[Current Location |Manila]
[mood |accomplished]

So ive managed to survive my first weekend in Manila....Friday after work I met up with my boss for some beers then on Saturday I did a little bit of exploring around the hotel..checked out the Podium, St Francis Square and SM Mega Mall which are 3 major malls all beside eachother. And they are HUGE. My food worries from India certainly dont apply here, even the suitcase of food i brought was mostly for none as they have pretty much everything in the grocery stores that you would find at home for about the same price if not less. The restaurants are also pretty amazing. Even Wendy's!!! Although the Subway veggies were a bit in question... They also have a huge multiplex showing somewhat recent films, and its only $3.50

Saturday we went out for some work party (I think this drinking thing will be a regular occurrence out here!) and then on Sunday i checked out Greenhill's, which is a bargaining type market. I found it much more clean and organized compared to some of the one's in India. Ive already started a collection of knick-knacks, masks and other souvenirs. Its nice to have something very different compared to the usual stuff i had gotten in India. I even hit the gym..I just wanted to go down to weigh myself and when i was looking around at the equipment i was super impressed, maybe it'll be a regular occurrence? one can only hope...

A few months ago Matt had downloaded most of the older Big Brother seasons. Since I had only started watching it at Season 8, he thought id be a good idea. I started Big Brother 3 on Friday and on Sunday i watched like 10 episodes..great time killer..its been neat watching how the game has "progressed"

Missed the Superbowl on Sunday..didnt care for who played, but more for the social aspect...otherwise on this trip ill also be missing Valentine's (Which we dont always do so much for), St Patty's and Easter....but at least when im home Matt should be done exams and itll be a nice break of doing nothing! (Although we do have 24 and Survivor to watch lined up)..